Date Night. Why spend the money?

If you are anything like my hubby and I, we like the idea of date night more than going out and having a date night. Mostly because I’m such a tight wad when it comes to spending extra money we don’t have to, why spend a whole lot of money on a night away from the kids or even just to have a special night together. Over my many years of being a penny pincher and not wanting to spend a whole lot of money on one night, that will end up being over with, spending way to much money and not really getting much out of it. So it’s pretty obvious that the outdoor things you can only do when it’s nice outside but some of them can be done inside as well. Now you can’t always have a free date night but with crafty thinking you can always do it for as cheap as possible, that’s my philosophy at least.

Let’s talk about staying in dates first, mainly because they cost the least to do and if you are homebodies like us, you won’t have to deal with the outside world by staying home but you can still have an awesome date night! Okay the only thing that is a MUST is that you NEED to get rid of the kids! The only reason I say that is because some people feel like since they are home they don’t need the kiddos to go anywhere, THIS IS NOT THE POINT OF DATE NIGHT! The main point of date night is to have a night to yourselves, ergo don’t have kids because it’s not date night because you’re not away from the kids and you aren’t alone. But I will digress on that matter, Now let’s get down to business and talk about fun at home dates.

One of my favorites that I have found in my research for dates is the living room camp-out date. It’s super easy to do, and i don’t care how old you get, a pillow/blanket fort is always fun! So it’s really up to the both of you what exactly you want to do, but my perfect camp-out date would start by setting up the “tent”(if you would rather use an actual tent and do this outside you can) by getting all of the pillows and blankets you will need and clear out a space big enough for the both of you. We decided to grill some hot dogs on the grill and a side of chips and then made homemade s’mores (you can do this the same way you make them over a fire except you can use tea light candles or a grill). I really like this because it can turn into a very, dare I say, intimate moment/activity. Now with me and my hubby cuddled and watched movies, but there is tons of other activities that you can do if you don’t want to turn on the TV but like I’ve said before it’s your night do as you wish, I’m just here to help you with ideas on how to not to spend a lot of money.

Another one of my favorite home dates is cooking or baking together. You can make it even more fun by going to the store and each take $10 and go separate ways in the store(without talking about what to get ahead of time) and meet back in the car then try to make a dinner with the combined ingredients together. This is fun because you both get to brainstorm over dinner and make it together. The only rule(mainly for the ladies that have control issues over the kitchen like I do) is don’t get upset or aggravated if things get done “wrong” or it doesn’t work out the way you wanted/thought it would. There are TONS of things you can do as far as kitchen dates; make a pizza, bake a dessert from scratch, make chocolate dipped fruit(strawberries, cherries, bananas, ect), have a themed dinner(Italian, Chinese, Mexican, ect) and I’m sure that you can find many more kitchen date ideas on the internet if you don’t like my ideas.

I’m not sure about in other families but in mine we color ALOT! So why not make it fun? My hubby and I are very competitive people, so we like to make a game and turn it into whoever looks the best makes dinner. You can use this in pretty much any competitive activity, again my hubby and I have played video games (shout out to all my Call of Duty friends) and have played against each other and loser makes dinner.

Something else that can be fun to do for a date night, or afternoon project together, is pick a DIY project to do. It can be anything really, just as long as you are working on it together and you are having fun! My hubby and I haven’t done this yet but I absolutely LOVE this idea!!! Somethings that I think would be some fun little projects to do are:

There are lots of other at home dates that can be fun but I don’t feel like they need much explaining so I’m just going to go down my little list and let you see which ones you would like to do:

  • Learn a new game
  • Work out together (at home or at facility)
  • Watch funny Youtube videos together
  • Read Shakespeare together (or any book but I find Shakespeare romantic at times) 😉
  • Binge watch TV series
  • Whipped Cream fight
  • Play Strip Twister (Intimate twist on the game, whoever messes up strips)
  • Write your kids a book together
  • Put together a puzzle
  • Pillow fight
  • Massage night (give each other sensual massages, I recommend men first for obvious reasons)
  • Youtube dance lessons
  • Wine & Scrabble night
  • Make a mixtape (or playlist)
  • Play “Would you rather?” together (My hubby and I play this regularly)
  • Movie Marathon
  • Learn a new skill together

There are plenty of at home dates that are super easy and fun that can become very romantic and intimate. I know that sometimes the littlest thing can turn a moment from normal everyday moment into an intimate moment, but it’s hard to follow through with urges whenever there is always little eyes and ears watching. So why not have those moments and follow through with them. Why not make chocolate covered fruit and lick the chocolate off of each others fingers? Or be playful and have a flour fight while baking a cake? Or be clumsy while doing dance lessons or twister and fall on each other? There are lots of little things that can turn an ordinary moment into a very sensual, intimate one. Make the most of these little moments while you’re alone, because once the kids are back you can’t do it when it feels most natural. 😉

Now of course you don’t always want to stay home so I have found some other dates that are cheap but will get you out of the house but will cost next to nothing (if anything)!

  • Go on a walk in a downtown area
  • Go swimming or hot tubbing (I recommend renting a hotel room)
  • Have karaoke night
  • Go to a museum
  • Volunteer together
  • Go skating or ice skating
  • Rock climbing
  • Go window shopping
  • Visit a random city
  • Go hiking
  • Have a picnic and watch the sunset
  • Play mini golf or laser tag
  • Visit a farmers market
  • Go to a local concert
  • Go to a car show
  • Stargaze together
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Watch sunrise then make breakfast together
  • Visit the planetarium
  • Go to an art gallery
  • Visit yard sales
  • Go out dancing
  • Go to shooting range
  • Ride Go-carts
  • Go to an arcade
  • Play frisbee
  • Go kayaking
  • Go horse back riding
  • Go to a national park
  • Go bowling
  • Visit a haunted site
  • Go out for coffee and donuts
  • Visit a flee market
  • Have a photo shoot
  • Go to the Zoo
  • Go fishing
  • Play a sport
  • Free outdoor concert
  • “Mini-Date”- Do everything mini! (mini golf, mini pizzas, mini smores, ect)
  • Goodwill challenge- Go to goodwill and pick out an outfit for the other person with $10 and you each wear it for the rest of your date
  • Dessert date- have dinner at home then go out for a dessert either to share or each get one.
  • Go to a wine tasting
  • Go play pool at a pool hall

There is so many more cheap dates that you can go on but these are my favorites. You can also go onto your city’s website and most of them have a calendar that has upcoming events in the community that can be a fun way to explore something new and different. There is always a way that you can have fun without breaking the bank, and most of the time they will bring you closer together because you wont be worrying about money in the back of your mind the whole time, you’ll be focused on each other. I hope you enjoyed this week’s post and I hope you utilize it for some FABULOUS adult time. 😉  And as always, Just because you’re broke doesn’t mean you can’t live good! 🙂

The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences, and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun.
-Christopher McCandless

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